Monday, August 24, 2009

Why is there no Nobel Prize in Mathematics?

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Six Nobel Prizes are awarded each year, one in each of the following categories: literature, physics, chemistry, peace, economics and medicine. Notably absent from this list is an award for Mathematics. The reason for this conspicuous omission has been subject of extensive speculations, some of which are discussed below.

One of the most common reasons as to why Nobel decided against a Nobel prize in math is that [a woman he proposed to/his wife/his mistress] [rejected him beacuse of/cheated him with] a famous mathematician. Gosta Mittag-Leffler is often claimed to be the guilty party.

There is no historical evidence to support the story.

For one, Mr. Nobel was never married.

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  1. See, hw one person can bring bad luck to all.... LOL



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