Saturday, June 30, 2012

Workshop by Prof. M. M. Pant

Dear All
On 28 June , I (along with whole staff of CRPF School) attended a workshop by renowned Physicist and Educationist Prof. M. M. Pant. It was a great learning experience.
The two things which inspired me the most are as follows:

A. A famous quote about IsidorIsaac Rabi (born American physicist and Nobel laureate recognized in 1944 for his discovery of nuclear magnetic resonance )
“My mother made me a scientist without ever intending to. Every other Jewish mother in Brooklyn would ask her child after school: So? Did you learn anything today? But not my mother. "Izzy," she would say, "did you ask a good question today?" That difference--asking good questions--made me become a scientist.”
So, one should always ask questions and seek for the answers.

B. Harvard University’s list of skills that make an “educated person”:
1.      The ability to define problems without a guide.
2.      The ability to ask hard questions which challenge prevailing assumptions.
3.      The ability to quickly assimilate needed data from masses of irrelevant information.
4.      The ability to work in teams without guidance.
5.      The ability to work absolutely alone.
6.      The ability to persuade others that your course is the right one.
7.      The ability to conceptualize and reorganize information into new patterns.
8.      The ability to discuss ideas with an eye toward application.
9.      The ability to think inductively, deductively and dialectically.
10. The ability to attack problems heuristically.
So, it’s not only subjective knowledge which makes an "educated man", the above skills are needed for the same.


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