Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mathematics Workshop at Mahavir Sr. Model school

Dear All

I have attended a one day workshop at Mahavir Senior Model School today. It was organised by . The main theme was to share few interesting ideas to celebrate 2012 as a Mathematics Year. Visit here to know more about 2102 MY . 
Well, I was surprised to see my blog on the presentation by Dr. Atul Nishal, Founder and Chairperson of . He shared my blog address with all the teacher who were present there (about 100) from different schools. He also invited me to share my experience about blogging. It was really a great learning experience.
 I recommend all the mathematics teachers and students to visit and enjoy the great math stuff available there.
Amit Bajaj

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  1. Thanks Amit Sir, for sharing the information about maths workshop. Mathematical workshops should be organized frequently and more school students should be involved in it so that knowledge on mathematics could be expanded. Keep sharing such informative posts with insights about mathematics. All the best!



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