Monday, July 25, 2011

Making Mathematics Simpler! NCERT TEXTBOOK SOLUTIONS - XII Mathematics

Dear Students Of Class XII
It is observed that many a times, after teachers have explained certain topics and have discussed certain questions from the related exercise, not all the questions of the exercise are being solved/attempted by the students. It is practically impossible and undesirable for the teacher to solve each and every question in the class itself. The remaining questions are supposed to be attempted by the student at home. However, it is very much possible that the student is unable to successfully solve all of them.
After discussing this issue with the students, I have decided to make the NCERT textbook solutions available at my blog. The solutions are taken from You can directly visit this website but you will first need to register there and the solution of only one question can be seen at a time. This might be a cumbersome process while you are checking your answers. Therefore, to  save the student’s time and to make those solutions available to all the unregistered students as well, I have decided to upload the solutions here from time to time. 
At the same time, I would want that the students do not check the solutions before they have tried the questions themselves. Hence, I’ll be uploading the solutions here only after the exercise has been covered in the class.
I’m also trying to upload the solutions of all the chapters which have been already covered in the school i.e. chapters 1-5.
Check this post frequently to get the latest updates and keep doing mathematics!
EX. 1.1        EX. 1.2       EX. 1.3      EX. 1.4      MISC. EX.
EX. 2.1       EX. 2.2       MISC. EX.
EX. 3.1     EX. 3.2     EX. 3.3      EX. 3.4      MISC. EX.
EX. 4.1     EX. 4.2       EX. 4.3      EX. 4.4      
EX. 4.5     EX. 4.6       MISC. EX.  
EX 5.1        EX 5.2      EX. 5.3      EX. 5.4      EX. 5.5      
EX. 5.6      EX. 5.7      EX. 5.8      MISC. EX.       
EX 6.1       EX 6.2      EX 6.3       EX 6.4    

EX 6.5 (Q1- Q12)   EX 6.5 (Q13 onward)     MISC. EX.

EX 7.1       EX 7.2      EX 7.3      EX 7.4       EX. 7.5      EX. 7.6   

EX. 7.7     EX. 7.8      EX. 7.9     EX. 7.10    EX. 7.11    MISC. EX.

EX 8.1     EX 8.2     MISC. EX.

EX. 9.1     EX. 9.2     EX. 9.3     EX. 9.4     

EX. 9.5    EX. 9.6    MISC. EX. 

EX. 10.1    EX. 10.2      EX. 10.3      EX. 10.4     MISC. EX.

EX. 11.1     EX. 11.2     EX. 11.3     MISC. EX.

EX. 12.1     EX. 12.2    MISC EX.

EX. 13.1     EX. 13.2     EX. 13.3     EX. 13.4     EX. 13.5     MISC EX.

(Other Chapters will be uploaded soon.)

Happy learning... 
All the best...
Amit Sir        


  1. where is Q:27 Ex-6.5
    its a quite hard que i am getting answer sin-1 (sq. root of three)

  2. Thanks Sir !! YOU ARE GREAT PERSON....
    SIR PEHLE ME MERITNATION PE JAAKE EK EK QUESTION DEKHTA THA... Badi preshani hoti thi. Aur kahi baar to error pe error...
    Sir aapki wajah se
    mera itna time bacha and internet ka kharcha bhi..
    Thank You so much sir :-)

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  5. Thank u very much sir

  6. Thank you sir. This website really helps.

  7. Sir , Please upload RS Aggarwal Maths 11th and 12th solutions

  8. Thanx a lot #Amit_Bajaj_Sir I always follow this site and also prescribe to others......thnx a lot for your support #Sir

  9. Sir achha h aise hi achhe solutions dete rhiye apka bhala ho..

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