Thursday, October 18, 2018

Ignited Minds of Mathematics (IMM) CONCLAVE 2018

Ignited Minds of Mathematics (IMM), a voluntary group of Mathematics teachers , has organized its second conclave, supported by International Council for school leadership (ICSL), in Modern School Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. The theme of the conclave was “ From rote learning to thinking Mathematically”. Chief guest of the conclave was Dr. Vijay Datta, Principal Modern School Barakhamba Road. It was attended by about 140 Mathematics associates who have come on their own to be the part of this conclave. There were presentations and panel discussions by eminent Mathematicians, Principals and Mathematics enthusiasts.

The group has launched a platform” Ignited Minds Foundation Olympiads” to boost the thinking process and to search and support the talented and deserving students by organizing Olympiads across the country and contributing the right kind of questions which are apt for the the cause “ thinking mathematically”.

Dr. Sanjeev Verma and Mr. Amit Bajaj,  members of the core group has reiterated the  need of organizing such conclaves in other parts of India to spread the message and to improve the way Mathematics has been taught and learned.

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  1. In order to create more interest towards Maths, such conclaves are very helpful. Students conclaves on Mathematics should also be organized in order to promote the knowledge on the topics and subject related to Maths. Sir, your efforts are very helpful in creating an awareness towards Mathematics. Thanks and Good Luck!

  2. Pep talks are useful in order to create an awareness on the subject effectively. Thanks to the organizers who have arranged such an event in order to promote the knowledge on Mathematics. Keep us updated through your insightful posts, All the best!



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