Saturday, February 25, 2012

Success Mantra for Students - Tips to Manage your TIME

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Studying is a big commitment and needs time to work on it. Managing time is the best way for students to succeed. By managing your time, other commitments can be fulfilled and you can study without distractions.  You need to balance time. If you are bad at balancing things make a personal timetable. Even if you do not stick to it, you will have an idea what you should be doing each day. This is better than trying to do everything each day and, at the end of the week, not achieve anything.
Choose a degree you are generally interested in rather than studying for the sake of having a degree. You will learn more because you are interested in the subject.
Always look at your assignments as a challenge rather than saying "it is too hard". A task thought of as too hard can slow you down to a standstill. The same task thought of as a challenge can spur you on.
It is best to keep up with your work. A timetable should be arranged each week, to ensure that you do not fall behind.
You should be aware of all your assignments and deadlines from the earliest stages of each Class/Semester. You can make a calendar for each module, stick on the wall in your room, where you can refer to it as and when the need arises.
If you organise your studies around the important outside commitments you have, such as work and family, you will find that you can cope quite well with what is expected of you.
Here are some tips to improve your study, but they will only work if you manage your time to get the best out of study.
Do not leave your course work to the last minute
Make sure you understand the lecture before you leave the classroom.
Be prepared to ask questions.
Read your text books and lecture notes again and again as you get new information.
You should be prepared to spend at least 3 to 4 hours every day reading lecture notes and text books, and gathering information.
Balancing study and other aspects of your life
Manage your time well for each module, but also make sure you get a good balance between work and social life. That is vital for life in general.
Set aside time specifically for each subject. Try to study one subject a day.
PRIORITIZE. Give each item a number or letter as to how important it is and according to when it needs to be completed.
GET REAL. You may want to list that Biology assignment as a C task but if your marks slip, don't see many Cricket Matches or Big Boss in your future. Keep yourself honest and get the studying done first so you can fun later on.
Stay FOCUSED. The key to a managing your time with a calendar or planner is to stick with it. If it sits in your dresser drawer and never is used, it isn't serving its purpose very well. Make sure to keep at it and keep it up to date. Cross off tasks.
If you do this SUCCESS IS YOURS!

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